DNR Corporation Solutions
ODIN: Order Delivery
Inventory Network

ODIN is a proprietary system that tracks and aggregate data in real time. Developed in 2009, ODIN is a platform specifically built for e-commerce. Since its development, ODIN has been used regionally and across various countries. ODIN enables omnichannel synergy to meet the needs of Indonesia's growing offline and online market.
ODIN Features


ODIN provides real-time tracking & monitoring across all ecommerce platforms. It provides seamless integration between e-commerce platforms & last mile providers through data consolidation.


Connected to all major last mile providers in Indonesia, ODIN’s integration allows for monitoring of multi-warehouse deliveries in real-time.


ODIN’s proprietary Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows for flexibility in allocating stocks across multiple platforms. Our system allows for syncing of inventory across all platform via a centralized or decentralized inventory system.