Press Release

Linked to the Hoarding of Social Assistance Rice in Depok, DNR Denies Involvement in the President of Indonesia's Social Assistance Distribution Project for the Period of May - June 2020

Wed, 03 Aug 2022

In connection with the findings of the hoarding of rice in Depok which was allegedly the President of the Republic of Indonesia's Social Assistance Program (BANSOS) by JNE in the range of May - June 2020, the Management of PT Dos Ni Roha ("DNR") stated that DNR as a legal entity was not involved in the social assistance distribution project in that month.

DNR received a social assistance distribution project in September - October 2020, and in its implementation did not cooperate with JNE as the last mile delivery executor.

"As an experienced distribution and logistics company that has infrastructure, supply chain management technology and networks throughout Indonesia, DNR is trusted by the Ministry of Social Affairs to distribute rice social assistance to 15 provinces in September and October 2020. In that period we did not work with JNE as the last mile delivery executor," said Ida Widayani, Head of Corporate Communication of PT Dos Ni Roha.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, synergy is needed from all levels, including the Government and the private sector so that the economic and social wheels are running again. Let's jointly support positive programs without neglecting responsibility and honesty.