Authorized DNR Entry, Sales of PT Zebra Nusantara Tbk (ZBRA) Up to 30,000%

Mon, 11 Oct 2021

A good business achievement has been recorded by PT Zebra Nusantara Tbk (ZBRA) in 2021. With the legal entry of DNR Corporation into ZBRA, ZBRA has transformed into a logistics pioneer in Indonesia.

ZBRA Recorded Significant Sales Figures in the 3rd Quarter of 2021

ZBRA recorded a very significant increase in sales. This can be seen in the net sales record seen in the 3rd quarter of 2021. From the financial report presented, ZBRA's sales increased by 30,000% from the previous year.

"We welcome the presence of DNR in ZBRA. In this 3rd quarter, PT Zebra Nusantara Tbk. or known as ZBRA has recorded an increase in net sales of 30,000% from the previous year," said Gary Tanoesoedibjo as Director of ZBRA.


Net sales from ZBRA itself are at 2.7 Trillion Rupiah. Previously in September 2020, ZBRA recorded its sales in the range of 8.8 Billion Rupiah.

In addition, up to the data in September 2021, ZBRA can record a fairly good gross profit figure. It was recorded that the gross profit obtained was 395 Billion Rupiah, where in the previous year it was 1.3 Billion Rupiah.

"Apart from a significant increase in sales, ZBRA also recorded a gross profit of 395 Billion Rupiah as of September 2021," said Gary Tanoesoedibjo.

Change in Equity from Negative to Positive

With the entry of DNR, ZBRA's equity also increased from negative to positive. In 2020, ZBRA recorded equity of minus 10.7 billion Rupiah. In the 3rd quarter of this year, ZBRA recorded a positive equity of 1.3 Trillion Rupiah.

Moreover, having transformed into a more modern direction, the new ZBRA business is now focused on providing modern and integrated logistics distribution services throughout Indonesia through its business network spread from Aceh to Papua.

"ZBRA has transformed its business into a more promising direction. Supported by DNR and its business units, ZBRA which was once known as a taxi company is now a pioneer of integrated logistics with coverage throughout Indonesia," said Gary Tanoesoedibjo.

Business Transformation to Provide Modern Logistics Services

With the business transformation to a newer and more modern direction, ZBRA has provided good business performance and presents logistics distribution services that can answer all the needs of society and business as a whole.

Of course, with the amount of achievement value obtained by ZBRA through the DNR business unit and its business units under its auspices, ZBRA is consistently stepping towards promising business prospects.

It should be noted that DNR itself has recently been successful together with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Perum BULOG in the successful delivery of the PPKM Rice Social Assistance Non-Cash Food Assistance Program (BPNT) in 2021 in 15 provinces in Indonesia.

In addition, ZBRA through DNR is also currently focusing on presenting modern, complete and integrated logistics digitization based on digital platforms. This is done to answer the needs of the Indonesian people along with changes in the direction of a more modern, practical, and flexible business which has been attached to the advances in digital technology that accompany it.

With an extensive and integrated logistics distribution network, of course the presence of a digital logistics platform that is being focused on can be a more promising direction of business prospects in the future.

"The role of e-logistics is very necessary for the growth of e-commerce in Indonesia. With DNR's infrastructure serving logistics services in 32 provinces, we are here to provide solutions," Gary Tanoesoedibjo concluded in his statement.

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