Series of Activities of Rice Social Assistance Distribution from Perum BULOG by DNR During PPKM in East Java and Surrounding Areas

Wed, 04 Aug 2021

Along with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the community's sustainability activities, Perum BULOG as the party that distributes rice social assistance is ready to guarantee that the rice to be received by the community is of the best quality and suitable for consumption. In distributing the rice social assistance, the activity is also supported by DNR Corporation through its business unit, DNR Logistics, as the transporter.

Steps of Perum Bulog Mojokerto in Presenting Quality Rice

To ensure this, Perum Bulog Mojokerto routinely checks and also conducts strict supervision of the rice in its warehouse which will later be distributed directly to the community as the beneficiary. The quality control process is also carried out in a way that is in accordance with the standard procedures that have been set so that the quality of the rice remains in medium condition and is ready for consumption by the community.

Regarding this matter, Perum Bulog Mojokerto's steps in ensuring the quality of the rice that will be given to the community are fairly firm in order to maintain the standards and quality of the rice in its warehouse.

In that case, Perum BULOG Mojokerto does not hesitate to reject the rice if it finds deficiencies in the rice such as in terms of the quality of the color, smell and also there are bugs in the rice to be distributed.

On this occasion, Perum BULOG Mojokerto was tasked with distributing 969,480 kg of rice social assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs to 96,948 Beneficiary Families (KPM) in the region. From the details of the data, it can be seen that for Mojokerto is around 819,140 kg of rice for 81,941 KPM and for Mojokerto City itself as much as 150,070 kg of rice for 15,007 KPM in the area.

DNR Logistics Supports the Smooth Distribution of Rice Aid from Perum BULOG Mojokerto

In line with Perum BULOG Mojokerto's steps in maintaining the quality of rice that will be distributed to the community, DNR Corporation through its business unit, DNR Logistics, as the transporter, is also ready to guarantee the rice that will be distributed to the community.

"We also guarantee that the rice from Perum Bulog Mojokerto that will be distributed to 81,941 KPM can be distributed safely and undamaged through our qualified fleet so that the rice sent can be received by the community properly," said DNR Logistic Representative, Mr. Daniel Henukh.

In the cooperation carried out by DNR Corporation with Perum BULOG, DNR was entrusted to distribute rice social assistance during the Emergency PPKM in 15 provinces. The cooperation is the second time being explored where in the previous year DNR Corporation had also successfully distributed rice social assistance in the same 15 provinces for the PKH program from the Ministry of Social Affairs.

"With our experience that has been tested in the distribution of rice social assistance last year to the community, DNR can guarantee in terms of delivery so that it can run well, quickly and can maintain the quality of the rice sent so that it still remains in medium conditions as it was in the BULOG warehouse," he said.

Daniel added, DNR Corporation is ready to succeed the government program through harmonious synergy with various parties. In addition, with its experience, DNR can commit to providing medium-quality rice social assistance that is suitable for consumption together with Bulog in the midst of a pandemic.

Surely this rice social assistance presented by Perum BULOG Mojokerto can be an important part of the continuity of the community's daily activities to fulfill their basic needs where at this time the impact of the pandemic has directly affected people's lives.

The Community Feels Helped by the Distribution of Rice Assistance

On this occasion, the community also felt happy and also helped by the rice social assistance distributed by Perum BULOG Mojokerto. The community also felt that the impact of the rice aid could ease the burden in the midst of this pandemic outbreak.

In addition, the community is also satisfied with the rice assistance they get from Perum BULOG Mojokerto because the quality of the rice obtained is medium quality, odorless, and also free of fleas so it is suitable for consumption every day by the community and their families.

"I received 10 kg of rice, I'm happy because of the pandemic," said Siti Maria Ulfa, one of the residents from Mojokerto city who gave her statement.


Masyarakat merasa terbantukan lewat bantuan sosial beras yang diberikan oleh Perum BULOG Mojokerto dan disalurkan oleh DNR.

The community felt helped by the rice social assistance provided by Perum BULOG Mojokerto and distributed by DNR. (Source: Jatimnet)

In the information, residents expressed their appreciation for the flavored assistance provided by Perum BULOG Mojokerto where the rice delivery could be received quickly and also in good condition.

"There are six people at home, 10 kg of rice is usually enough for one week. The quality of the rice is also good, the grains are also intact. I received it last Friday, I have cooked it and it tastes good. This is medium rice," added the resident who lives in Mentikan Gg 3, Prajurit Kulon Subdistrict, Mojokerto City.

Rice Social Assistance Also Distributed in Other Areas in East Java

Previously in another area in East Java province, namely in Kediri city, the launching of the release of rice social assistance from Perum Bulog and DNR as the transporter was carried out on July 28, 2021. This release event was attended by the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Kediri District, Mr. Dede Sujana.

Acara pelepasan bantuan sosial beras dari Perum BULOG yang dihadiri oleh Bapak Dede Sujana selaku Sekda Kabupaten Kediri.

The release of rice social assistance from Perum BULOG was attended by Mr. Dede Sujana as the Kediri District Secretary. (Source: DNR)

The release of the assistance to be provided indicates that the rice social assistance that will be distributed directly to the community has begun. Specifically for the Kediri District area, there is a total of 1,394,220 kg of rice for 139,422 Beneficiary Families (KPM) who will receive the rice social assistance.

The presence of rice social assistance distributed by Perum BULOG through DNR as the transporter is certainly very helpful in fulfilling the basic needs of the community every day during the implementation of Emergency PPKM in several regions at times like now.

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