Benefits of e-Commerce Enablers in Advancing Online Businesses

Tue, 31 Jan 2023

From year to year, online business in Indonesia is growing very rapidly due to the ease offered in selling products and is a business that can be done without large capital compared to conventional businesses. When the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, many businesses were affected, requiring them to close their outlets and businesses. The situation is exactly the opposite with online businesses, especially businesses in e-commerce, which are positively affected during the pandemic. The development of this online business is also due to the increasing literacy of people towards technology, allowing them to get the desired items only through online searches.

The development of online businesses that are increasingly stretched makes online business actors continue to adapt to the changing behavior and needs of society. For online consumers, it is very easy for them to make comparisons and switch to another product/brand when buying a product. This is one of the challenges for online businesses, so online businesses must find ways to attract attention and gain consumer trust. Some of the things that can be done by online business actors are to pay attention to store ratings, the majority of which will be seen by potential customers before deciding to buy goods. Store ratings are determined by the speed of packaging, the accuracy of order delivery, the alertness of customer service in replying to customer chats, and others.

The number of online business/e-commerce platforms today is also one of the factors that trigger the growth in the number of online businesses. To achieve a wider reach, online businesses are required to be present on various platforms. However, selling on multi-platforms is not an easy thing, especially in synchronizing stock items between platforms. For this reason, business people also need to take advantage of technological developments to be able to solve the problems faced and improve the performance of their online business, one of which is the use of e-Commerce Enabler.

E-commerce enabler is a service that helps businesses implement their business strategy or can be a one-stop solution that facilitates online businesses to run their business. E-commerce enabler will bridge business people with e-commerce that is chosen as a platform for selling. The services provided by e-commerce enablers are online store set-up, namely listing SKUs in the marketplace, store operation, e-fulfillment, marketing promotion, and customer service support.

Store Send Indonesia is one of the e-commerce enabler service providers in Indonesia. Store Send Indonesia has flexible technology with various infrastructures in the e-commerce business (API) so that it will greatly help online business people in running their business. Store Send Indonesia also has in-house system development with more than 10 years of experience. The warehouses owned by Store Send Indonesia are also spread throughout Indonesia which includes 4 e-warehouses and 47 integrated warehouses so that the range of areas where goods are shipped is very wide. With e-warehouse technology, Store Send Indonesia can manage inventory accurately. All the advantages of Store Send Indonesia are well implemented because it is managed by a professional and experienced team in managing warehouses and online stores.

It can be concluded that e-commerce enablers have an important role in improving online business performance. If you are looking for an e-commerce enabler and are interested in finding out more about Store Send Indonesia, you can go directly to the official website, or Instagram, @storesend_id. Store Send Indonesia provides a one-stop solution for businesses ranging from product management services in warehouses, online store management to the process of shipping products to customers.

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