Equity Turns Positive, ZBRA Projects Integrated Modern Logistics in Indonesia Through DNR

Mon, 25 Oct 2021

PT Zebra Nusantara Tbk (ZBRA) recorded a good business development score along with a more focused projection in the future business direction through DNR under its auspices. This can be seen from the change in the equity of the shares it owns.

Positive Change in Equity

The company with the ZBRA issuance code on the Indonesia Stock Exchange has managed to change stock equity. Initially the equity owned by ZBRA itself was recorded negative, but at this time ZBRA managed to record its equity to be positive.

"This is a good achievement from all parties in our business. ZBRA managed to change its equity to positive which can be good news for all related stakeholders," said Gary Tanoesoedibjo as Director of ZBRA when giving his statement.

This positive change in equity is certainly inseparable from the inclusion of DNR which is now officially under the auspices of ZBRA itself.

This can be seen in 2020, ZBRA recorded an equity of minus 10.7 billion Rupiah. And in 2021 in the 3rd quarter, ZBRA has managed to record positive equity at 1.3 Trillion Rupiah.

Not only has there been an increase in terms of numbers, in terms of business projections, there has also been a change where ZBRA's business transformation has penetrated into the category of digitally integrated modern logistics services.

This can be seen from the official entry of DNR serca under ZBRA which presents modern logistics services and has a network of warehouses that have spread throughout Indonesia. 

Supported by the Extensive DNR Distribution Network

It should be noted that DNR has 32 branches and is also supported by 15 sub-branches to 7 4PL warehouses spread throughout Indonesia. The spread of the warehouse network owned by DNR also has a significant impact on ZBRA's own business activities.

"The inclusion of DNR which is now under ZBRA itself has had a significant business impact where ZBRA can achieve an increase in net sales compared to last year," said Gary Tanoesoedibjo.

With this, it can be seen that the sales figures owned by ZBRA can experience a very good increase until the 3rd quarter of 2021. In this case, ZBRA managed to record an increase in net sales of up to 30,000% compared to the previous 2020.

Based on data viewed on a Year on Year (YoY) basis, ZBRA in 2021 managed to get sales figures at 2.7 Trillion Rupiah. This net figure has increased drastically when viewed in 2020 where ZBRA only recorded a sales figure of 8.8 billion Rupiah.

 Focus on Presenting Modern Logistics Digitalization in Indonesia

Through the increase in sales figures and also the change in equity that can be incised by ZBRA, ZBRA is now focusing on presenting modern and fully integrated logistics digitization services through a network of warehouses owned by DNR.

"We will continue to provide modern and digitally integrated logistics services through the network owned by DNR," said the Director of ZBRA.


Supported by DNR, ZBRA is increasingly determined to transform and is also present to answer the challenges of logistics needs that will continue to grow in the midst of people's daily lives and in business activities in Indonesia.

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