More Effective and Efficient Business with the Use of SaaS from Klapa Ekosistem

Wed, 08 Feb 2023

Technology is now very attached to human life. It is undeniable that technology continues to develop very significantly to help human life in various aspects, one of which is in running a business. Adopting technology has become a must for companies to create more effective and efficient business processes. In addition, the application of technology is also needed by companies as a tool to help companies develop and advance.

It can be concluded that technology is a form of transformation that must be carried out by entrepreneurs today. If 10 years ago operational activities depended 100% on human labor, now this dependence is gradually decreasing and being replaced by technology. One form of technology that is currently a mainstay for business people is SaaS or Software as Service, which is an internet-based software service that can make it easier for entrepreneurs to do certain jobs.

SaaS is an effective and efficient solution because it can be directly used by its users, where users do not need to install their own servers and no longer need to learn programming languages. In addition, companies do not need to develop their own applications, because the availability and reliability of the application is guaranteed by the service provider. SaaS services are one of the important components in various organizations that carry out their activities using internet-based software. To get this service, companies only need to subscribe to the service provider for a certain period of time.

Basically, to subscribe to entrepreneurs does not require expensive costs because companies do not need to buy assets in the form of private servers which are usually high cost. Another advantage of using SaaS is that it is easy to integrate and collaborate with existing systems in the company, so that companies do not need to bother accessing data. Because SaaS has many products on offer, companies can freely choose products that are suitable and needed by the company.

SaaS services in Indonesia have started to gain popularity in 2017, especially among business people. One of the SaaS systems that can be used by entrepreneurs is Klapa Ekosistem owned by PT Bisnis Integrasi Global (BIG), which is a subsidiary of DNR Corporation. Through Klapa Ekosistem, all entrepreneurs including MSMEs are facilitated in developing their business. As an end-to-end ready-to-use solution, Klapa Ekosistem provides various SaaS products such as ERP, Accounting, Omnichannel, Procurement, or Online Cashier. Just like other SaaS, Klapa Ekosistem products do not need to install or wait for the product to be completed, Klapa Ekosistem products can be used immediately, right after the subscription process is carried out.

Klapa Ekosistem ( also offers affordable prices for entrepreneurs or MSMEs starting from IDR 70,000 per month. In addition, entrepreneurs or MSMEs can get special prices because Klapa Ekosistem also offers various bundling packages and attractive promos. With affordable prices, entrepreneurs and MSMEs can be more efficient and effective in carrying out their business processes. It is no longer difficult to develop a business, just by subscribing to Klapa Ekosistem, the business will run well.

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