The Importance of the "Everyone in the Company is a Salesperson" Mindset

Tue, 07 Mar 2023

In the business world, everyone in the company has a different role. However, there is one thing that is important for every team member to remember and apply: everyone is a salesperson. This is known as the "Everyone in the Company is a Salesperson" mindset, which means everyone has a responsibility to promote the company's products or services to potential customers and maintain good relationships with existing customers.

Why is this mindset important? Because with this mindset, everyone will care more about the quality of the products or services offered, better understand customer needs and expectations, communicate more effectively and persuasively, and contribute more to the achievement of company goals. Although it may sound unusual, this mindset is a positive and useful way to help expand the scope of business and increase the success of the company.

In applying the "Everyone in the Company is a Salesperson" mindset, it is important for the entire team to understand the products offered by the company so that they can help drive sales, regardless of the type of job.

In a supply chain company, the application of the "Everyone in the Company is a Salesperson" mindset can be realized in several ways, including:

The Production Team must ensure that the products produced are of high quality and meet the standards set by the company. In addition, they can also sell products to customers through ways such as organizing factory tours or providing product samples that can be tested.

The Marketing Team is not only responsible for marketing the products, but can also contribute to selling the products to customers. For example, they can give presentations on ways to use the product more efficiently or provide product recommendations that match the customer's needs.

The Logistics team is responsible for organizing the delivery of products to customers. They can help sell products to customers by providing information on fast and accurate delivery times, and customizing delivery methods to customer needs.

The Customer Service team can sell products by providing the best solutions for customer needs. For example, they can offer products that suit customer needs or provide information about the most popular or latest products.

But if you are specifically assigned as a salesperson with the target of closing deals, then you need skills that are quite comprehensive and dynamic according to the needs and situation at that time.

First, salespeople must be able to analyze customers or prospective customers who certainly have different needs. If a product/service is offered that is not needed, the prospective customer will not be interested or buy the product/service. How does a salesperson know what a potential customer needs?

Second, a salesperson must be a listener and consultant for prospective customers. If a salesperson doesn't listen to the problems that potential customers are facing, he or she cannot offer the products/services that they need to solve their problems.

Third, a salesperson must also have good communication skills, so that prospective customers understand that the problems they face can be solved with the products/services that are being offered.

But is it only someone who is a salesperson who can be the determining factor for someone to buy the product/service being offered? Of course not. There are so many factors that potential customers consider when deciding to buy something such as the credibility of the brand/company and the human resources involved in it. What if when we hear negative comments/testimonials from family/friends/coworkers about the brand/company? Of course it will affect us in deciding to buy their products/services because we are not sure of their credibility.

The success of a company is not only influenced by someone with the title of salesperson, but all the human resources involved in it. Someone with a salesperson position does have the responsibility to sell to achieve company targets, but all human resources in it also contribute to supporting the achievement of these targets. By applying the mindset of "Everyone in the Company is a Salesperson", every employee is expected to help sell the company's products or services in a good and professional manner so as to increase customer confidence and strengthen the company's position in the market.

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